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Making people smell good one Zum Bar at a time… well, there’s a lot more that goes into it behind the scenes… which is where I continue to contribute my marketing magic at Indigo Wild. I enjoy being able to combine my business school mindset in the sales and marketing “department” with a lifetime of living in a creative family where I now work on product packaging and design projects. Chances are if you see Zum in a store, I’ve designed the label! Being a part of such a small company allows for continuous variety in what I work on which keeps things fresh and fun.

Aside from work, I’ve become quite the entertainer and blossoming chef. The past year I’ve really gotten into cooking, trying out new recipes and hosting dinner parties for my friends. I also traveled to some pretty cool places to visit my siblings 🙂 Wyeth & Sarah in New York City. Brielle in Colorado. And my latest adventures included Germany in November to visit Whitney, Klaus and the kids. The week was filled with lots of smiles, laughter and “Aunt Kee” time. While I was across the ocean in Europe, I made a little side trip to Barcelona where I had amazing tapas and explored the gorgeous city. When I’m not traveling, I’m loving living in KC, experiencing all of its growth and greatness this year! (Way to go Royals!) Cheers to another great year to come in 2016!