Denver Paper Fashion Show 2023 (Tickle Me Pink)
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Highlight, Paper Art & Garments
About This Project

If Yayoi Kusama (sculpture & installation artist) and Jean Louis (costume designer) had a love child, it would probably look a little something like this. Bright, bold, daring, mixed with sleek, couture, and elegant. Both artists were geniuses for creating drama through their work.

“Tickle Me Pink” pairs a classic silhouette that frames the body with an extravagant feather coat. With drama for the stage, “Tickle Me Pink” reflects both the sweet and sultry sides in this couture fashion. The coat was made with over 25,000 strips of paper to simulate faux fur or ostrich feathers. The base of the coat is made from different sized circles sewn together that allow for movement and flexibility. Underneath, the garment is elegant, sleek and a surprise once revealed.

“Tickle Me Pink” received 1st place recognition at the 2023 Denver Paper Fashion Show.

2023 Winner First Place
Lead Designer: Brielle Killip
Designers: Christopher Geissinger
Art Master Inspiration: Yayoi Kusama & Jean Louis
Model: Kate Johnson
Paper: Neenah – Astrobrights
Photos: Jason DeWitt, Blue Hartkopp