Denver Paper Fashion Show 2022 (Fire in My Soul)
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Paper Art & Garments
About This Project

Design Inspiration: “Fire in My Soul” is inspired by the fire that burns inside each one of us, fueling our passions and desires. Individual pieces are “knit” together without any visible seams and form an airy, fluid sculpture. “Fire in My Soul” uses texture and pattern to capture the energy that starts deep in our core and radiates throughout our bodies.

Additional info:

How can paper emulate fabric’s flexibility and malleability while still maintaining its intrinsic qualities of strength and structure? This question inspired us to explore the idea of “knitting” strips of paper together that would serve as the groundwork of our design”.

Each segment increases exponentially forming a geometric zig-zag. Each strip is “knit” to the next, looping one segment through another. This technique secures individual pieces together while producing the larger form that takes on its own curved and very sturdy shape. It creates a repeating texture that is enhanced by the paper colors. Through experimentation, the answer to our question came to light: paper itself can amplify strength and structure creating textural, curvaceous, and dynamic forms.

Lead Designer: Brielle Killip

Designer: Christopher Geissinger

Model: Kate Bordeaux

Paper: Mohawk – Curious

Photos: Sean Marquantte, Blue Hartkopp, Chris Tracy