Paper on Skin 2022 (Fire in My Soul #2)
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Paper Art & Garments
About This Project

Paper on Skin (Tasmania)

“Fire in My Soul” is inspired by the fire that burns inside each one of us, fueling our passions and desires. Individual pieces are “knit” together without any visible seams and form an airy, fluid sculpture that forms to the body. “Fire in My Soul” uses texture and pattern to capture the energy that starts deep in our core and radiates throughout our bodies. The design uses a variety of bold, bright paper from Mohawk paper mills (USA).

Lead Designer: Brielle Killip

Designer: Christopher Geissinger

Paper: Mohawk

Images: Grant Wells Photo. For the studio shots (white background), Grant Wells Photo / Studio Assistant Tara Palmer.
Model: Mackenzie – En Vogue Modelling Agency and Events
Hair and Make Up – Big Tease Pop-Up Parlour.