2017-Whitney, Klaus, Charlotte & Henry
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2017-Whitney, Klaus, Charlotte & Henry

Healthy Holidays, Fröhe Weihnachten (Merry Christmas in German), and Happy New Year! We’ve lost count of how many teeth are falling out around our house this year. Charlotte and Henry are both wishing for a few new teeth for Christmas and Klaus and Whitney still have theirs. 🙂

Charlotte and Henry are reunited in the same elementary school after being apart for 2 years. They always look for each other on the playground to make sure the other is doing OK. Charlotte is doing well in 3rd grade and is becoming quite the songbird in her class and in choir. The children have to sing solos in class and are given grades – no room for stage fright! Henry started 1st grade this year which is a major event in Germany where you receive a “1st day of 1st grade cornucopia” filled with school supplies and sweets (see photos). He is getting down the basics of reading and math this year. Henry tries to read everything his eyes meet at the moment, and we are kindling his fire for reading. Most of all he likes gathering the snow from all the fences on the way to school – he is a real kid at heart!

Whitney is still working in Marketing for Trelleborg and she reached a milestone this year of living in Germany for 15 years. She is really involved in the kids’ school as PTA President and Elementary School Representative on the city-wide School Board. Additionally, she started a small Gifted & Talented Program at the elementary school this year in cooperation with a teacher and it is going into its second school year. Her motivation is making a better place for all the kids in the city to go to school and receive quality education. When Whitney isn’t busy with work and school, she is also trying to slow down time with Nordic Walking, Yoga and now Pilates.

Klaus is busy in a new role at Porsche developing Porsche Brand Ambassadors for the global retail network (Porsche Centers). Basically getting the retail network ready for the future by considering aspects such as “how people will learn in the future”. He still enjoys teaching at the University to stay in close touch with the Gen. Y and Z 🙂 His global travels have slowed down a bit giving him time to discover the art of baking with the kids. We have never had so many Christmas cookies and Cake-Pops! Our friends and neighbors are fat and happy this holiday season. 🙂 Klaus continues to mountain bike and when we went on our family vacation to Lake Garda, Italy he crossed over beautiful mountain passes. His second new passion is “Go-Pro-ing” everything! We have music videos to document everything over the past year from vacations to the start of school or just about anything he can film and put music to.

Our family was so happy to be a part of Sarah & Wyeth’s wedding in June and it was lovely to see so many friends and family there.  We had a special weekend with family and friends and continued the fun in Florida with family. The kids are still recounting how many cannonballs they made into the pool and how much fun it was to body board on the waves! Klaus is still rockin’ to Above & Beyond Group Therapy electronic techno music, even at 6:00 a.m.! Whitney has finally tamed the curl that got into her hair in Florida.

So many fun memories from June!

We are wishing everyone a healthy holiday season and happiness for 2018.

Klaus, Whitney, Charlotte & Henry