2017-Wyeth & Sarah
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2017-Wyeth & Sarah

2017 was a pretty epic year for Sarah & Wyeth.  They were married on June 3rd in Sarah’s hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.  After their wedding they went on their honeymoon to Bali and Thailand – spending time in Nusa Dua, Ubud, Seminyak, Bangkok and Chaing Rai.  It’s hard for them to pick a favorite location as they loved them all but nothing will top their time in Chaing Rai as they stayed in a tent (aka “glamping”) on an elephant reserve and got to ride elephants in the northern jungle of Thailand, pretty magical.  Some other highlights included a a private evening Tuk Tuk ride through Bangkok’s streets, climbing Mount Batur (In Ubud) at 3am to reach the summit by sunrise and a private boat/fishing trip in Nusa Dua!  The trip was very magical and a great way to start their marriage.  After their honeymoon they had a fun summer of travel, spending time in Chicago, Montana, Newport and Montauk.  They wish everyone a healthy and happy new year filled with love, fun and adventure! 
Sarah & Wyeth