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Bubbles bubbles everywhere and so much food to eat?

The bubbling soap world of Indigo Wild continues to grow and clean people all over the US (and world). I continue to love my job heading up the Marketing World at the Zum Factory. Each and every day brings a new adventure or project, my favorites of 2017 include creating and launching several new product lines, producing our annual Catalogs, and surviving yet another crazy holiday season! The company culture is unrivaled and I am excited to be a part of the ever-growing sudsy soap biz.

While the first half of the year was spent preparing for and celebrating all of the #licensetokillip wedding festivities, I like to think the last half of the year was spent celebrating ME. I turned 30 in September and quite literally celebrated all fall. It all began with a trip to New York in August with my dad where we spent a week as students at the Culinary institute of America. In that week we were fully immersed in a convection of culinary experiences. We learned kitchen and cooking skills to create Italian, French Brasserie, and decadent breads and desserts. After our days’ lessons we would go into the kitchen and cook what we learned in teams and then sit down for our class meal together. There was never a shortage of food and we left fully satiated with wonderful tastes and memorable experiences. When we weren’t cooking (or eating) my dad and I explored the breathtaking scenery of the Hudson River Valley, stopping at the longest foot bridge in the world, passing by Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s estate and taking in the highly anticipated solar eclipse.

After New York, I squeezed in a trip to Baltimore for work to our Natural Products Expo before my actual birthday hit. I spent the weekend celebrating in Kansas city with friends. The highlight of this weekend was the Peddle Hopper wagon we rented to ride around the KC Crossroads to different bars and breweries. The weekend after, my close girlfriends jetted off to Austin, TX for a fun-filled weekend of good food, great music, and even better friendship. We kicked up our boots and let loose! The festivities wrapped up with our fall family celebration… but I’m determined to continue celebrating the ENTIRE year that I’m 30, and thankfully my friends are on board!

Cheers to you and another year of good health and well wishes!